Week 1: Research and Concept Development Labs Reflections

“Week one for me was an introduction to the multiple paths there are to approaching a work or series of work. I’ve mostly been creating for my own entertainment and survival, but have to shift my perception to creating with more purpose and meaning. learning how to research, select what to research and how to plan your way forward mostly.”

Deconstructing and reconstruction of research material to make meaning

“Nothing is new, but how are we changing the way we see?”

‘When we name something, we reduce the reality’

“Call your mother when you wake in fetal position so she won’t worry in her dreams. Untangle nerves to stretch across town until you are brave. Pace in public. Laugh in unison. Cry in bathrooms. Spiral outwards until this body behaves as though it belongs here. Make a mess until something sticks. Wake in fetal position. Untangle your nerves. Pacelaughcryspiralbreathe. Something sticks. It belongs here.”

I would like to reflect on the different techniques of conceptualizing that were contributed by the entire group of participants in the Labs, these being new to me and so for effective because the give a more clear yet critical approach to different themes;these were

– Considering ideas from different positions .

– Working with emotions, this gives a honest view and interpretation of a concept.

– Process through physical material (photos, books etc) paging through other artist’s work as well.

Also, the more specific something is, the more people understand it, this was advise from Molemo of about conceptualizing. Lastly, i would like to reflect on Lobadys presentation from the first week, it proved that there is ability to produce something (form of art) outside one’s context, for example, am not a dancer but through an exercise in his presentation, I came up with a dance move, more so expressed my self through dance. This shows that there are no rules and limitations to creation in art and there is no fixed mode to communication and expressing one’s self.

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