KLA ART session Reflections: Guest speaker, Ibrahim Mahama

Our 11 KLA ART 21 artists meet every month and we invite a guest speakers to elicit more thoughts and ideas as they continue working on their projects. Our first speaker was Ibrahim Mahama, artist and founder of the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art in Tamale, Ghana who talked about his approach to public art, his exploration of different spaces, materials and more.

- Change the way you look at materialship
- Consider time as a material

Ibrahim raised a lot of loud questions on what exactly artists are tangibly doing about issues around. I like that he bought a building for a noble reason. The big question mark is in reference to what exactly artists are doing regarding issues- negative mostly

My biggest take away from the session was what Muhama share with us about the history of a green house he used and how he is relating and co-existing with the living things within it such as the lizards, fish, etc.

This was and is a great insight since just like the guest speaker, I’m looking forward to working with some of Uganda’s archival architecture to have my sculpture work for KLA ART 21 made complete.

That part where he responds to one of the questions posed to him and he quotes, “in my work, I allow the element of time to influence material culture……” made a lot of sense to me and informed the way I was looking at my multi-media materials that I intend to incorporate with the archival architecture that I will settle for in KLA ART.

This resurrected the voice of nature juxtaposed with time within my concept and I’m looking forward to having my multimedia materials co-existing with some natural processes such as: moulds growth, mushrooms, etc. – Katesi Jaqueline

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