KLA ART session Reflections: Guest speaker, Hima Batavia

Our 11 KLA ART 21 artists meet every month and we invite a guest speakers to elicit more thoughts and ideas as they continue working on their projects. Our second speaker was Hima Batavia who is a cultural designer and public art producer. She is passionate about creating space and artwork for collective healing and sensemaking.

Currently, she is the Director of the Creative Placemaking Lab at Artscape. Hima is the former co-founder of Reset and has worked with the Centre for Social Innovation, Staples Studio, WoodGreen Community Services, Hyman Digital, Clinton Health Access Initiative and United Nations Foundation on community design, experience design, and design research projects. In her spare time she dabbles in performance art, mangoes and saunas.

Discovering incentives for the proprietors of the site you want to create art for makes the process of creating public art in public space easier

My takeaway is in question form. How do you create a hybrid of spaces, the internet and real physical space. How do you create work that can transverse both spaces?

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