Podcast Transcript: Lab Session 1 Reflections — Katesi Jacqueline

My initial approach to research and concept development before the labs, in summary, I would refer it to the conception of a baby in a mother womb. It was at the future stage. Initially, I looked at research and concept development as restricted to using a lot of my brain and doing a lot of reading and using my eyes. So basically I was restricted to using the senses that I was used to, then through Molemo, Nare and Lobadys sessions, I gained a lot of elements such as working together closely, sharing with one another through one on ones, translation, how to engage with my bodily senses, unleashing my hidden potentials, putting my uncertainties and fears aside and moving forward, being a fast thinker, being vigilant, being critical.

Among all these, and many more I may have not mentioned, I found sharing and working closely alongside engaging all my bodily senses very informing to my side because, initially I looked at this task as so hectic and you know, so mind engaging. But then through these labs, I was able to see that when you work with others, when you share with others, you don’t waste time, you think faster, you are able to get advice, you are able to get guidance and you are able to think and question what you have put on the table to eat.

So, currently, I am not afraid to peep into the future, irrespective of the uncertainties, the fears and the many more put-downs. I have grown into an aggressive artist one who is not scared of material, one who is not scared of trying out new techniques, and then I am reading a lot, but this time round I am reading a lot with all my bodily senses. I am not only using my eyes, my hands and a little of my mind. I am dancing my reading, I am singing my reading, I am tasting my reading, I am feeling my reading, I am, oh my God! I am finding this whole process generally interesting.

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